Mdm Norsiah got to know about Ain Society through a close friend and she soon referred herself. We provide her with financial aid, monthly food rations and engage her in our programmes such as Support groups, Static groups, outings and counselling. We also engage her son in our programmes for children such as movie outings and intend to engage him for our tuition programme in the future. Throughout her being with Ain Society, she has strongly supported the programmes and regularly attends them. She is excited each time we have a new programme lined up and always never fails to ask us not to forget to inform her of upcoming programmes. She shared that these programmes have been a beneficial avenue for her to express herself as she does not really have anyone to talk to and confide in. She has found new friends who understand her and are willing to listen. The financial aid has improved her financial situation considerably and she shares that since attending the Support and Static groups at Ain Society, she has gained the confidence and new-found will to seek employment and plans to do so early next year as her health condition seems to be improving and her doctor has given her the green light to go out to work.

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