Since its inception in 2000, Ain Society has committed itself wholeheartedly to support families to progress towards their fullest potential, paying particular attention to underprivileged families, single mothers and youths at risk.
As part of our new initiative, Ain Society is embarking on helping the cancer patients and their families.  Ain Society's exposure to the plight of cancer patients and their families was instrumental to the opening of the Society door to cancer patients and their families after being the partner of Breast Cancer Foundation in a community outreach programme in 2010. From that point onwards, Ain Society staff and volunteers saw an increasing number of patients diagnosed with cancer seeking financial assistance and support.
As a commitment to provide quality services to cancer patients and their families, Ain Society conducted a small-scale survey assessing the needs of cancer patients.  The results indicated a need to have continuous emotional and social support especially from the community.  In summary, patients felt that more community-based and culturally-sensitive programmes and support services are very much needed.
 The Centre aims to meet the needs of cancer patients from all backgrounds, races and religion as they navigate the period of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and losses. Our Objective is to provide emotional support for these patients.
Through the core programmes that Ain Society has implemented, there are various activities in the centre such as support group, counselling as well as Financial Assistance for patients, survivors as well as their caregivers.


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