Cancer Care Services

Financial Assistance

Our financial assistance schemes help to alleviate the financial burdens of affected families, to ensure patients' adherence to medical treatments and acquire the intended consumables. 



Counselling sessions for the patients and family members help support a more positive outlook of the future and develop effective coping strategies. We conduct various forms of counselling from individual to family to support groups. 


Support Groups

The monthly support groups serve as an avenue for our cancer patients to share experiences and knowledge, assuring our clients that they are not alone in the battle against cancer. The emphasis on hope and strength are inculcated during these sessions.



Therapeutic Play

Through therapeutic play such as Art and Music, our young clients of Clubskidz are encouraged to express their emotions and at times enhance their psychological ability.



Back to School

A child who may be affected directly or indirectly from the cancer treatment may be unable to attend school due to fatigue and the effects of treatment. Thanks to student bodies in universities such as NUS and NTU, we are able to deliver home-based tuition for these affected children.



Social and Recreational

We organise a range of outings and annual events for our clients and their families, to enhance their emotional and social interaction skills and to promote bonding among them.



Life Skills Workshops

We conduct workshops and courses which focus on improving the individual's quality of life. Our current workshops and courses include deportment classes, Money wise and problem- solving skills.



Community Outreach

Series of talks and roadshows are regularly organised focusing on the medical and social aspects of cancer.



Cancer Education Bus

In 2015, Ain Society and the National Cancer Centre of Singapore (NCCS) identified a common goal to bring up to date information about cancer to reach out to the community in a fun and interactive manner. Featuring exhibits about the facts of cancer and its preventive measures, the Cancer EduBus is available to visit schools, ministries, grassroot organisations, workplaces, other public and private institutions to share updated knowledge, along with message of hope, dispelling fears related to misconceptions of cancer.



Mammogram Screening

Breast cancer remains the leading cause of death among Singaporean females. We work closely with the National Healthcare Group Diagnostic to bring the "Mammo bus"to the neighbourhood to make it easier for residents to get their mammogram screening done.



Spiritual Classes

Quran recitation classes for Muslim clients serve as a platform for them to gain spiritual strength in dealing with cancer. For non- Muslims, we work with agencies to ensure their spiritual needs are taken care of too. 




Clubskidz was officiated on 1st October 2011 by our Medical advisor, Associate Professor Fatimah Lateef. Our services are not only catered  for the child that was diagnosed with Cancer, but also for his/her family members.


The programmes that we have for Clubskidz are:

1.       Music therapy

2.       ExplorationSG

3.       Movie outings

4.       Support Group

5.       Individual counsellings

6.       Tuition programmes

For year 2014, we also had:

1.       Artsploration

2.       Yoga classes

3.       Scribbling session classes


The programme aims to tap on the children's most artistic abilities, to encourage self-expressions and to relieve these children of their emotional issues particularly for the children diagnosed with cancer. 



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