The idea of forming a society, known as Ain Society, was mooted when a group of activists in the northern part of Singapore wanted the community spiritedness and sense of voluntarism be harnessed and channeled in a platform that is more coordinated and systematic. 12 community work veterans met and with it born Ain Society. The Society hopes that individuals can continue to contribute to the community and provide value-added services to the Malay residents in the northern part of Singapore. It hopes to also fulfill the service gaps, as many of the social services agencies that cater to the Malay community were often in the eastern region of Singapore.

After three years in existence, Ain Society gained from strength to strength and was known of its ability to mobilise layman to attend social and educational programmes. As its clientele group grows, in 2004 Ain Society moved out of Woodlands to operate from a more central location at North Bridge Road, with the main purpose of making the Society accessible to the mainstream rather than just the Malay residents in the Woodlands area.

This is followed by another major change in 2006, during which the organisational structure and all of the Society’s programmes and activities were reviewed, as advised by our Advisor, Mdm Halimah Yacob, who has pointed out four principles as Ain Society’s standard operational procedure in line with good governance by a charitable organization and with wider authority of the Commissioner of Charities of which Parliament has passed the bill.

The four principles are:

·         Efficient and effective administration

·         Staying focus

·         Innovative ways for fundraising to be self-sufficient and self-reliant and

·         Being a good role model, i.e. as leaders, our management committee members are those with integrity and lead by example

From organising mainly mass events and educational programmes, Ain Society gradually became more focused in helping youths at risk, disadvantaged families and children and adult suffering from Cancer and other chronic ilnesses.

In line with this change, our Management Committee members who consisted mainly of those aged 50 years and above, had willingly stepped down to give way to younger members to take over the leadership to bring the Society forward with more innovative programmes. At the same time, Ain Society is also fortunate to have a non-Muslim/non-Malay to be in this team.

On January 2011, the past President, Haji Mohamad Bin Othman, who has served 3 terms, has step down to give way to a young professional, Mr Abdul Malek Bin Osman, aged 38 years old and a HOD for Mathematics at Ping Yi Secondary School. Mr Abdul Malek, who is currently taking Masters in Education, is a graduate of the National Technological University of Singapore. He is currently the President of Ain Society.

With this change of helm, another major review will take place in which most of the members of the Management Committee of Ain Society will consist of young, vibrant and educated individuals. With fresh and innovative ideas and high spirits of enthusiasm, this new team will steer the Society for at least the next 10 years.


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