Ain Society Membership (History and Information)

When Ain Society was first established in 2000, it rapidly expanded its membership to a size of 710 registered members. Life Membership fee was then $5.

At the annual general meeting held on Sunday 24th January 2010, a decision was made in favour of changing the membership fees of Ain Society from $5 for a lifetime to $5 monthly or $60 annually.

With this new membership structure, Ain Society members will enjoy the following benefits:

(a)  With the membership card, members will be able to purchase or use the services of our participating merchants at a special Ain members discount rate.

(b)   Members will be able to join events organised by Ain Society at a discounted ticket rates.

Our newsletter is now made available in PDF format. Please CLICK HERE to view your latest edition of Newsletter.

You may contact Fadilla at 6848 5166 for more information

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