World Cancer Day Daffodil Giveaway

On 14 February 2015, AIN Society distributed over 50, 000 stalks of daffodil flowers in conjunction with World Cancer Day at over 12 designated places in Singapore. The daffodil flower symbolizes hope for the Cancer fighters and survivors. Thus, through this effort, we hope to send the message of love and hope to the people across Singapore. We believe that cancer awareness is important and early precaution is essential. Through this distribution, we hope that many of you out there would be motivated to have your health screening. To all of you who received the flowers, we hope that we've sent smiles to all of you!


Pentas Radio (Radio Drama)

Buat julung-julung kalinya kisah dan cabaran yang dihadapi para pesakit barah di bawa ke pentas secara langsung oleh Ain Society, untuk mendekati orang ramai dan menyebarkan mesej tentang penyakit itu bersempena Hari Barah Sedunia tahun ini.

Drama berjudul "Sampai Hatinya" karya penulis skrip terkenal M Saffri A Manaf dan diarahkan oleh pengarah drama pentas tersohor Nadiputra yang membawakan tema Kasih, Ihsan, Prihatin diadakan di Hotel Crowne Plaza pada Sabtu 28 Februari 2015.

Ia dilakonkan oleh berapa orang pelakon veteran termasuk J .Rosmini dan Azhar Norlesta.

Memberi ceramah ringkasnya bersempena pementasan itu, Tetamu Terhormat Dr Fatimah Lateef menasihati masyarakat Melayu agar mendapatkan pemeriksaan awal bagi pengesanan barah.

Turut menyinari majlis ini adalah nasyid daripada kumpulan Al-Jawaher dan ceramah ringkas oleh Ustaz Haron Hassan Akhtar.

Di samping itu, bicara hati pekerja sosial Ain Society turut memberi kesan terhadap para penonton.

Kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah bertungkus lumus menjayakan projek ini. Tidak lupa juga pada semua para penyokong Ain Society dan hadirin yang turut hadir di majlis kami ini.

Kami mengalu-alukan sokongan padu anda terhadap program kami.


Projek Kasih

The third instalment of charity concert, Projek Kasih, aired on Friday, 8 May 2015 on MediaCorp Suria garnered over 164,000 viewers. Presented by AIN Society in collaboration with Suria, this year’s theme “Letters from the Heart”, appeals everyone to come forward to play a part in helping Serenity Social Service Centre’s beneficiaries who are cancer patients.

This year’s total donation during the telecast of Projek Kasih was $627,022, surpassing the previous instalments. The campaign will also be on MediaCorp radio stations, Warna 94.2FM and Ria 89.7FM. AIN Society hopes to achieve a total of $1.5 million at the end of the campaign.

Funds raised from the show will go towards helping over 283 cancer patients whom AIN Society is currently serving through its programmes and services.

The charity concert was hosted by newly minted Pesta Perdana winners, Khairudin Saharom (Best Host) and Nurul Aini (Most Popular Female Personality) and featured heart-warming and inspiring stories of cancer patients and survivors. It also showcased stellar performances by Malay rock legends, Papa Rock Ramli Sarip and Amy Search, as well as home-grown talents, Aisyah Aziz, Sufie Rashid and vocal group, JUZ-B. More than 30 popular local and foreign artistes were involved in the show.

Stealing the show were performances by local celebrities like Bollywood Dance, Kompang and Dikir Barat showcase.

The event is graced by Associate Professor Fatimah Lateef, Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC and Medical Advisor, Serenity Social Service Centre, as the Guest-of-Honour.


Radio Telepoll

Since the last few years, Ain Society has worked closely with the local Malay radio station WARNA 94.2FM for our radio telepoll campaign. Listeners of the radio station are encouraged to donate to the society by calling designated numbers for $10, $50 and $100 donations. The Telepoll aims to continuously help our beneficiaries from Serenity Social Service Centre. 

The Centre aims to meet the social, emotional, spiritual and financial needs of these cancer patients, epecially women and children, and their loved ones (family, friends and caregivers) as they navigate the period of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and sometimes, loss. The whole package of services will be delivered in a supportive, collaborative and culturally sensitive environment.

This year, the telepoll  entitling “Sepetang Bersama Ain”features doctors from Muslim Health Professional Association and Ain Society’s caseworkers over the period of 10 weeks to discuss on various cancer topics and the programmes and services that are conducted within the vicinity of Serenity Social Service Centre.  With the objective of reaching out to people at home, Ain Society has certainly progressed positively with the support of the community through this programme.


Projek Kasih Thank You Dinner

In appreciation of the efforts made by the Mediacorp production team and artistes, Ain Society organized a Thank You Dinner held at The Ballroom @ East Coast. The objective of the dinner is to annunciate the collection of donations thus far and to thank all performing artiste for their hard work.


Mothers’ Day Celebration

This year, our Mother’s Day Celebration was held at the Ballroom @ East Coast. Hosted by AB Shaik, our beneficiaries were enlightened by Ain Society’s very own staff performing a singing item and a poem recital specifically for Mothers.  Guests were greeted by our volunteers and staff and an attractive photo booth specifically to capture the memories for the day. They were also given special goodie bags which also consist of a stalk of red rose.

The event was graced by our very own President, Mr Abdul Malek B Osman and his spouse together with Ain Society’s CEO, Haji Md Yusof Ismail.

During this fun filled event, 11 categories of awards were given out to mothers whose nature, personality and values ​ can be emulated as an exemplary role model towards others. The awards were named after Siti Khadijah, Aisyah, Maryam, Siti Hajar, Sumayyah, Radin Mas, Tun Fatimah, Balqis, Tun Teja, Asma, Rabiatul Adawiyah.

The grand prize which is known as “Ibu Tabah 2015” was given to Puan Rahmah Anes who is an active person and has a positive attitude and mindset. Puan Rahmah also inspires other patients and displays a high level of self- reliance. 

The event ended with a presentation of prizes to lucky draw winners, amidst the delicious food that was served.


Majlis Tahlil (Tahlil Event)

The Tahlil event was specially sponsored by PU3 who has been benevolent in reaching out to our cause. Our beneficiaries who attended the event were served with their signature dish, Nasi Ambeng. The highlight of the Tahlil is to make prayers for those beneficiaries who have left us and to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan. The tahlil started with a short syarahan by Ustaz Muhammad Taufik Sidek and ended with the recitation of Surah Yasin.


Qudwah Hasanah

On 6 June 2015, AIN Society celebrated Fathers’ Day with this year’s Qudwah Hasanah Exemplary Father Award which was held at Intercontinental Hotel. The event was graced by Guest of Honor, Speaker of Parliament, Madam Halimah Yacob, and over 400 guests attended the event.

The event was to celebrate and recognize the sacrifices and roles fathers played in ensuring the successes of their children in their lives, education and well-being. It was to acknowledge the fathers as the heads of the household in keeping the family together and united.

However, unlike the previous years, the event was not just to celebrate Fathers’ Day. For the first time, AIN Society launched our own line of fragrance called Ainul Qalbi. Packaged in pairs, the fragrance are made for men and women and thus named Adam and Eve.

With the theme of the event Black Traditional Malay wear and with the ambience of the olden days kampong, the guests were greeted with the sight of the traditional games set ups all around the hall and nostalgic songs performed by the local band AltoAura. There were also performances by a family of local artistes R Ismail and his two sons, Eiss Iskandar Ismail and Elfee Ismail, and dance performances by renowned local Malay Cultural Group – Sri Warisan.

This year, AIN Society announced 3 finalists for the Exemplary Father Award. Coming from different backgrounds, these men were nominated by their family members as the Best Exemplary Father.  A panel of seven-member jury sat together to make the decision in finding the winner of the Best Exemplary Father Award. The criteria include facing hardships, leading by example, providing the family financially and educating his children, participating in either social work, volunteering, caring for the environment or other noble causes.

Mr Mohamad Nor Bin Nordin was crowned as the winner of The Qudwah Hasanah Exemplary Father Award 2015. Mr Mohamad Nor, 67 years old, is a father to two sons and 4 daughters. Despite studying only until Primary school, he had worked hard as a cleaner for 32 years and sent all of his children to achieve a degree in University.  He is a role model to his children as no matter how busy he was, he will still make time for his children to teach them religious studies. He also took care of his brother and two of his cousins who are disabled. He is a man with a huge heart and had sacrificed to do many jobs for his loved ones. Congratulations Mr Mohamad Nor, we wish you and your family all the happiness and success.


Launch of Edu Bus

In conjunction with the National Cancer Survivors Day on 7th June 2015, together with the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), we launched the 1st CANCER EDUCATION BUS!

The bus was launched by Minister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong, at the Damai Secondary School in Bedok, amid fanfare and performances by patients and survivors from Ain Society and NCCS.

Also present was Mr Abdul Malek Osman, President of Ain Society and Mr Haji Md Yusof Ismail, CEO of Ain Society, Dr Sethi Vijay Kumar, Acting Director of NCCS and Dr Yap Yoon Sim, Director, Public Education & Patient Support, Division of Community Outreach & Philanthropy, NCCS.

The Cancer Education bus aims to reach out to the masses and to educate the members of the public on the importance of regular screening and health checks.





Our Charity Dinner 2015 which was held on 16 October at the Orchid Country Club has come to a successful conclusion. The dinner also marks Ain Society's 15th Anniversary in its service to the community.

The dinner attended by 310 guests was graced by Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health.

The event highlights were performances by our own beneficiaries and staff. Our Serenity Active Ageing Group (SAGA) also made guests mesmerised by their line dancing moves.  Our staff and beneficiaries highlighted performances using the Indonesian musical instrument, Kolintang.

Our dinner would not have been successful if not for the support from ICAP, SICC, Christopher Chen Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Far East Organization, Foo Hai Chán Monastery, Marsiling Primary School, West Grove Primary School, National Healthcare Group, City Post Asia Pte Ltd and City Neon Events Pte Ltd.

A special element was introduced to this year's Charity Dinner. An auction of Mr Gan Kim Yong's calligraphy was conducted and we presented him with a special edition of his picture done in mosaic. The event ended off with a special cake cutting ceremony in celebration of our 15thanniversary.

We would like to thank all sponsors, donors and supporters for contributing to the success of our charity dinner.

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